Thursday, March 17, 2011

the only thing that matters is Your love

This is going to be a really short post (although I'm not sure who even reads this... I just made one so I could more easily keep up with OTHER people's blogs... yall know I love them)...

Over the past few weeks I have been processing a LOT of stuff. I don't even know how to begin to summarize it in a blog post... and I'm sure it would be really boring... so long story short I just have to say that God is continually showing me who He is and who I am because of that. And a big thing I have been thinking about... the God of the universe died for Me and His spirit lives inside of me... and if I REALLY chose to daily live in that truth, I think my life would look a lot different. And it DOES look a lot different than it did a year ago, and I am thankful. It is so easy to give in to fear and anxiety... and after years of that I think I have just come to a place (because of the Lord of course, I have done nothing on my own) where I realized that I am going to have to CHOOSE to believe the TRUTH about who I am and who God is. Jesus Calling has been an amazing daily reminder of that... and every change in my personality and spirit has nothing to do with me and everything to Jesus.

I don't know if that even made sense but I have a paper to write so on that note... :)

Love yall,

P.S. I read this book during two 2 hour flights on Monday and it was INCREDIBLE. Seriously. I have never marked up a book so much in my life. Google Dan Cruver.


  1. i read you, dear!!
    i love how God is transforming your heart. we'll achieve perfection (i hope so, because i misspell achieve every time i type it) one day when we're singing and dancing and drunk with His presence at the Great Wedding Feast. until then, we're a work in progress. so thankful for the journey, and so thankful for you.
    i'm in love with Jesus calling too. i think sarah young is the

  2. beautiful Lindsay! I LOVE ME SOME JESUS CALLING!!!

  3. LOVE the book Reclaiming Adoption! Good stuff!