Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beginning of the End

Last night was my last club as a Young Life leader at Blackman. This is HUGE because I have been a Young Life leader there for four years and followed a group of girls from their freshman to senior year (with another group I picked up for a year after their leader moved to another city)... and it has been a huge time commitment and I have given so much of myself to this ministry. So much of my college experience is wrapped up in Young Life, my closest friends in college (and in life) have been made through Young Life... Last night my team prayed for me, my girls said the sweetest things about me at club (since it was senior night and they got to talk a little bit), my girls cried as we talked about how we would only have one more campaigners before they (and I) graduate... and I didn't cry. At all. I was completely emotionless (if that's even a word). I kept waiting for the tears to come... and they never did. On the drive home I kept thinking I would hear some particularly emotional song and start weeping... didn't happen. I thought at some point today it would hit me that I was really done with Young Life and I would lose it... nope. I don't know if this is all good or bad or if I haven't really processed it yet... it's just interesting I guess.

But anyways...

thank you Lord for the privilege and honor of being these sweet girls' leader... I am forever grateful for how much of Yourself You revealed to me through this ministry.

Also I in about 10 minutes I am leaving for my last college class. Ever.

Changes anyone?

Love yall,

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  1. I didn't cry either.... I was like you; waiting until I started crying. I think by not being torn to pieces, God was showing me that it was the right time to move on. Maybe God is showing you the same thing. I don't know. It's all a little strange when you leave the ministry, but I feel like God gave me peace in knowing that I was doing the right thing at the time. :) I love you!